What is Pex and Copper Repiping and the Benefits

Having optimal pipes is rewarding, they are built to sustain and function to your advantage. With over 15,000 homes and apartment complexes being repiped over the years by us, our clients come first. We value their homes and provide the best quality in the industry.

What is PEX?

More flexible and cost-effective

The United States adds chemicals to our water to ensure that we are not infected by the pollutants in the water supply. Copper pipes tend to also be less effective due to airborne chemicals. PEX is a phrase for polyethylene (PE) that is cross linked (X). It is stable, malleable, and similar to a plastic-like material that comes from a high density polyethylene that allows it to be so durable. Within the last years, PEX has been improved to withstand heat while continuing to keep its long-term strength. The PEX system requires less fittings and labor to install making it budget-friendly in any home. With PEX repiping in your home, none of these issues will continue to tamper with your water supply.


Among other advantages, Pex repiping:

  • Long lasting
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Ability to withstand temperature, decreasing your home’s heating bill
  • Resists pipe buildups, damage, freezing, and burst

What is Copper Repiping?

Copper has been the original favored material for plumbing systems for decades. If your home has rusty old galvanized pipes and or is built more than 5 years ago, their is a high chance you may have corroded pipes. This will continue to deteriorate and putting your bank account at risk for drainage.

Not all copper pipes are made of equal quality, pipes that are made elsewhere besides the United States are almost never in accordance with the quality standard of US. In some cases, contractors will use budget friendly pipes like these to keep cost low. The cheaper pipes are thin, and prone to corrosion. We use only USA MADE pipes, fittings, and valves from the finest manufacturers in the country.

Consider copper repiping if you are struggling with any of these issues:

  • Hot water when the toilet flushes or when water is in use in other parts of the home
  • Low water pressure
  • Leaking pipes below your home or inside the walls
  • Lack of hot water from sink or showers
  • Rusty or foul odor from water faucets
  • Loud or rattling noises when water is in use

After a Repipe, You will Have:

  • Excellent water pressure throughout your household
  • No more LEAKS!
  • Long lasting High-Quality plumbing for decades
  • Clean water that actually looks like water
  • Positive re-selling point for your home
  • Rest assured knowing that your plumbing is in the best shape

After a high quality PEX or Copper Repipe in your home, you will no longer have to suffer any discomfort or inconvenience caused by odd corroded pipes. We promise a start to finish time, stand behind our promises to get back to you on schedule and guarantee satisfaction to all of our clients.