Top Reasons Why Pipes Burst

water damage

Upon returning home, the last type of greeting you want is a flooded home due to burst pipes. Bursting pipes not only destroy your furniture, but also cabinetry, floors, and other personal belongings. Also – they can significantly hike up your water bill. How can you determine if your pipes are going to burst?

Warning signals that your pipes may burst:

  • Consistent clogs
  • Increased water bill
  • Foul odors
  • Damp areas
  • Decreased water pressure

What causes pipes to burst?

If you have suffered or noticed the signs above in your home, we suggest you contact your plumber immediately. If this has happened to you, you may be questioning, what has caused your pipes to burst in the first place?


Ever since indoor plumbing was discovered, builders have experimented with numerous metals and other alternative materials for piping. If your home was built prior to 1970, the piping in your home more than likely consists of steel, which is susceptible to bursting. The lifespan of pipes should be between 50 to 60 years. If you think your home is older, considering contacting our repiping company for a free quote.

Collapsed Pipe:

Movements in soil or increased weight can cause your pipes to collapse. Development of construction can also shift soils and put more weight on your pipes. If an extensive development plan is in or near your area, contact the site manager so you can inform them of the location of your pipes.

Rusty Pipes:

Pipes, like most common things in your home can only last for so long. Overtime, pipes will eventually wear out and rust. Frequent rusting with wear and tear makes them prone to bursts.

Tree Roots:

These are another frequent reason behind causes of pipe bursting, notably if you live in a dry area. It is quite common to underestimate how strong tree roots can be. Nothing can prevent roots from providing water to their tree..if your pipes have a minor leak or crack, the roots will exploit it. Tree roots will grow near and around your pipes steadily until they burst from being crushed.


If temperature gets below freezing, pipes, burst can occur. Water in the pipes will freeze if the pipes are exposed to frigid air. In this instance, water in the pipes expands, and turns into ice. The frozen ice with the pressure of the streaming water becomes too extreme to handle and you end up with busted pipes.

Bad Installation:

Leaks may occur if pipes happen to be poorly soldered or fitted connection between pipes.

Replacing your pipes

Plastic and Copper piping can have a lifetime of up to 50 years in optimal conditions. If you are suffering plumbing issues related or similar to those listed above, it sounds like it is time to contact the experts at Repipe1 to have your home repiped. Let us help you!