Repiping your Home? Here is what to expect Before, During, and After Repiping

Your old galvanized pipes are corroding, with rust clogging the pipes, reducing the water pressure and even corrupting your water supply. If you have not taken preventive caution, corroded pipes can lead to leaks, which causes mold, rot and water damage in your home. To further prevent these problems from happening to your home, consider repiping. Out with the old and in with the new; replace your old and rusted pipes with new ones.

Having your home repiped can be a rigorous process. We would like to make the process as easy as possible for you so here is a brief explanation of what to expect before, during, and after the repiping projected has been completed.

Before: Prior to proceeding with any kind of work, a repiping expert will administer a thorough inspection of your entire home. The professional repiping expert will inquire for checkpoints upon the entryway of where the water connects to your home, attic access points, and any other  circumstances in your home’s floor plan and design. A comprehensive plan will be made by your contractor in your case, and answer any questions or concerns about the project.

During Repiping: The duration of the full process normally takes anywhere from two to five days to complete. Favorably, the construction of repiping will allow homeowners and residents to continue living in their home while it takes place. Our professional experts will execute their duties such as repipe, pull proper permits, call for city inspections, patch and texture. All will be done in the most unobtrusive manner to ensure not to disturb your family life. Water needs to be shut off to prevent further leaks in the process during the repiping. We will take care of it all to make this a pleasant experience.

After Repiping: Depending on where your new pipes are located, there’s a chance you will notice a minor change in water temperatures while running the water through the faucet.

What is the difference between a repipe company and
a regular plumbing company?

Repipe 1 is a repiping company with 15,000 homes of experience since 1991.
Our experience is unsurpassed in the repipe industry to provide you with the least amount
of disruption to you and your home. We complete our jobs in a timely and cost effective
manner, we have the repiping track record to prove it. On the contrary, a regular
plumbing company conducts all general aspects and tasks of the plumbing industry
and may or may not complete your job in a timely and cost effective manner.

Let us repipe your home!


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